Swiss-based metal act Bölzer is more than just your everyday extreme black metal act. During their career, they have combined elements of guttural and harsh music together with progressive and psychedelic aspects along with influences ranging from classic rock to contemporary music. To put is short, Bözer is one of the most moving, innovative and... Continue Reading →


You’re in for a rare treat: dark ambient pioneer and legend Lustmord will perform at Blowup. Deep ends and physical soundscapes guaranteed. Lustmord on Facebook  


Load your blender with hatred for mankind (2 cups), balaclavas (approx. 4), teeth (a fistful), blood (a mouthful), stimulants of your choice (sufficiently) and spice it up with your favourite Manson quotes. Pour over fucking cold ice and serve with strobe lights. Dragged Into Sunlight on Facebook  


It’s a double bill for Justin Broadrick! As the mighty Godflesh punishes the Blowup audience on Thursday, Broadrick’s minimal industrial, techno and dub act JK Flesh will reach towards new horizons also on the same day. JK Flesh on Facebook  


Black and sludgy post everything metal. It’s aggressive, discordant, vile and claustrophobic. You will, pardon my French, aime bien it. Celeste on Facebook  


Noise, industrial and darkwave artist Sam An adopted her pseudonym for a sound art project where she transformed songs by the “referenced” pop singer into drones. L//D//R embodies discordant spaces between the occult and the political, personal trauma and collective outage, noise and melody, and brutality and benediction. Lana Del Rabies on Facebook  


Road to the Stars (1957) is a Soviet science fiction film chiefly famous for its trick camerawork. The first part of the film is an educational story of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, a pioneering rocket scientist struggling in narrow-minded Tsarist Russia. In the latter fantasy part, cosmonauts travel to space and float in zero gravity. Western filmmakers... Continue Reading →


Think about Steve Albini riding shotgun with Unsane, chasing Therapy? Down the highway with flat tires and an engine screeching for the lack of oil. Yeah, you got it. Throat on Facebook


Remember the picture of shirtless Vladimir Putin riding a grizzly bear. Not fake news! That really did happen during a Demonic Death Judge gig. Hard rocking sludge metal, flannel shirts and a couple of beers were also present. Demonic Death Judge on Facebook


Chestburster comes from a world where Guns N’ Roses never made it, Kurt didn’t off himself, underground rock bands are treated as sex objects and Anttilan Mäkki is the real Sunset Strip. They are the loser rock kings. Chestburster on Facebook


Snail-paced heavy as fuck Finnish old school death metal. Cult and obscure. Just check the Musta Seremonia -demo re-released by Svart Records and thank me later. Rippikoulu on Facebook


Austin-based power trio The Well redefine heavy rock by merging massive riffs with sophisticated melodies. Their progressive sound stems from a nostalgic desire to blend different musical styles as diversified as Joy Division to Blue Cheer. Due to their psychedelic doom edge, The Well reaps comparisons to Black Sabbath, Sleep, Electric Wizard and Uncle Acid... Continue Reading →


No matter what I write about Ved Buens Ende, it doesn’t do justice. The Norwegians’ sole album Written in Waters (1995) is an esoteric masterpiece that opened doors that didn’t exist. It’s a genre-defining classic. One simply can’t talk about avant-garde metal without starting from here.   Ved Buens Ende on Facebook


Näillä vittu mennään. Täältä tullaan tulevaisuus, täältä tullaan elämä.   Nykypost on Facebook  


Hide's potency comes from seizure-inducing strobe lights, throbbing bass, haunting vocals and an oppressive ambience. Hide’s debut album Castration Anxiety (2018) and the feisty gigs supporting it made the duo one of the most talked about topics in industrial music. “I want people to feel afraid”, said Hide’s Heather Gabel in an interview. Hide on... Continue Reading →

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