Road to the Stars (1957) is a Soviet science fiction film chiefly famous for its trick camerawork. The first part of the film is an educational story of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, a pioneering rocket scientist struggling in narrow-minded Tsarist Russia. In the latter fantasy part, cosmonauts travel to space and float in zero gravity. Western filmmakers were at the time astounded especially at the realistic depiction of weightlessness.

Ydinontelo (Hollow Core) performs half-improvisatory, microtonal sound art that strives to break free of the frameworks of conventional music. The sensitive plimploms and mystical growls produced by the guitar brothers Jääskeläinen, also known from Circle, open a surprising new angle to the film. The teacherish Soviet film is revealed as a film-poem that depicts, with innocent timelessness, the human dream to break free of the chains of tradition and make the impossible possible.

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