When the world finally goes up in flames, I want to celebrate the occasion in a night club with music provided by White Ring. Their blend of chopped beats, industrial noise and chilling vocals is flawless for embracing hedonistic delights while the walls crumble and the dancefloor disintegrates.White Ring on Facebook    


The mysterious band says about their new album Eremos: “The desert that opens before the listener is not a locus of temptations or simple retreat, but a vivid inner mindscape of dramatic confrontations and transformations between flora, fauna, stellar matter, earth, and stone. Gradually they shed away the humanness in its most banal sense until... Continue Reading →


When talking about art and music “Icelandic” seems almost like an adjective meaning characteristic and fascinating. Even when talking about topics that have preset standards – such as post-punk. Kælan Mikla might sing in their native tongue but their output resonates the anger and sadness we try to keep to ourselves. Their dark and icy... Continue Reading →


Morne’s molten doom covers everything it touches with despair, depression and other feelings associated with no reason getting out of bed in the morning. On the other hand it builds tension, flows mantra-like and feels hypnotic and purgative. Morne’s take on doom, post-metal and sludge is atmospheric and addictive – just ask Darkthrone, they’re fans!... Continue Reading →


If life was fair Cirith Ungol would always be mentioned next to legends of doom as such as Trouble and Candlemass – but for some reason, the stars weren’t aligned for the Californians. The band’s second album King of the Dead (which turns 35 years by the time of Blowup festival) is a timeless masterpiece... Continue Reading →

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